The moment ones career choice goes wrong, sadness and frustration become pervasive and inevitable. Nowadays, it is vivid that people make career choices in consideration of the prestige they can get from it and some others are influenced by friends, family, media and so on.  Then the case becomes that they are so unhappy in life practicing the career that they have chosen. The fact remains that those who would succeed in any career will be those that made career choices by factoring who they really are which includes their purpose, passion, strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunities and all there is to consider.

This gave rise to the thought for this article to clearly show that it is those who choose careers that best depict them that will definitely succeed. It is also important to mention that it is not too late to start pursuing what you love doing and start living a happy life.
I will be sharing 7 indicators that will help you know if you are on the right career path or not and to help you identify your true career path. They are:

1) Experience of Happiness

The experience of happiness and joy, whenever you are engaging in anything related to that chosen career, is a clear indication that you are in the right career path.  There are some people who are always happy doing something and when there is a change in that, the mood changes as well. Pay attention to these things as you go about all that you do in life.

2) Looking Forward the Activities

There are some activities in life that when you are called up to do you look forward to doing and you pray that the day comes as quickly as possible. To bring this home, there are some individuals whose fulfillment comes from public speaking. For some others, it is content writing while public speaking irritates them.  What activities pique your interest always?

3) Never Afraid of Being Tested 

The normal reaction and feeling to the thought of examinations is that of disgust, detest and much reluctance. On the other hand, there are some exams that you feel comfortable writing more than others and that is because they are in your area of interest, passion and comfort?  Don’t get me wrong, when I say comfort zone, I mean that you do them with ease, unlike others.  For instance, as a student, there are some courses I derive joy in taking exams in because I easily study them and I do very well but there are other courses that I’ve got to read hard with extra headaches before I can do well in them (I know you can relate). These are little significant pointers to those careers you can excel in.

4) Gets you well organized

There are things that you do and you take your time in handling them to ensure maximum success. You take your time to strategize, consult and do everything possible even more than everyone on the team. This is a clear indication that that is the area you are likely to succeed in with little or no supervision.

5) Constantly Innovating

Over time, you must have noticed that there are particular problems that are menacing your environment, your society or your country at large that you want to find solutions to because they constantly make you unhappy. You can go out of your way to devise creative ways to solve those problems.  On the other hand, there are problems arising in some other areas that you get unconcerned about. For instance, I get so concerned with matters that concern the educational sector yet I am highly uninterested with the oil sector. Identify yours. It is a pointer to your true career.

6) Constantly Investing in It

There are some activities and things that you easily spend your resources on to make them become part of your life. It might be that you spend your money to take courses in that career or you can go out of your way to support every cause directed towards that path. This is an indication that you will do well in that career.

7) Feeling of Love and Interest in Those in That Field

Whenever you see someone on TV doing this activity of interest, you desire to be like them. You read about personalities and you immediately pick one as your role model. You look at such people and admire their values and career path. You research about someone and you desire that the person becomes your mentor. These are indications that the career path of that person is what you are deeply interested in and you can do well in them if given the chance to.