I know it may sound really cliché to hear things like ‘choose your friends wisely’ or that ‘birds of a feather flock together’ but these things however random they may seem actually hold more water than we think. The fact remains that we cannot go farther than the association we keep and the levels which our friends are on.

Friends are supposed to be all that we’re not, focused in times when we are off balance, guides when we are lost or uncertain of the way to go. A “Friend” is not a title to be handed to just anyone. Thus, anyone who passes for one must have certain qualities which make them distinct from every other person that we meet.

In picking your friends you cannot overlook these areas mentioned below:

Your vision

Vision is simply the mental picture of your desired future. I know this may sound too serious to some persons but really, having a vision for one’s life determines to a very large extent the quality of decisions which the person would make.

This includes the kind of friends and association which you keep. It then implies that anyone who does not look like they have a positive role to play in the realization of your vision should not be allowed to play a major role in your life.

Not having a vision for your life would only make you a tool in the endless realizations of the vision of other persons.

Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Friends are persons who complement us and not those who make us weaker than we are. They help us become better persons and encourage us to dare more and get out of the comfort zone. Friends who do not speak to you about your progress report or are not even accountable may be a red flag. So in picking your friends choose the ones who would make you a better person and would not allow you settle for less.

Your Reason for wanting the friendship

Most times, our motive for wanting to remain friends with people are pointers to what our priority is. Some reasons could be as random as partying, spending lavishly or just having fun in general. While these things are not bad they are however temporal and may not be deep enough to stand the test of true friendship. This is why some friendships go wrong when money is no longer available or the seeming enjoyment ceases. Friendships should be based on values such as integrity, love, sacrifice, humility, kindness and many others positive virtues.

Any friend that leaves you more drained than you were before you met them consistently needs to be checked. Any friend who runs you down consistently needs to be checked. Any friend who does not respect you needs to be checked. Friends encourage, respect, build and love.

Friendships are warships

They go along with us to the battlefield and supply us with weapons when life wars get too tough.

Choose wisely.