Deadline: November 13 2018

WHO and UNESCO are launching a new initiative “Making Every School a Health Promoting School” through the development and promotion of Global Standards for Health Promoting Schools. The initiative will serve over 2.3 billion school-age children, and will contribute to the WHO’s 13th General Programme of Work’ target of achieving “1 billion lives made healthier” by 2023.

We are seeking your suggestions for additional 3 youth candidates (aged 16-19) who are representing the following Regions:
=> WPRO (Western Pacific Region)
=> AMR (Region of the Americas)
=> EMR (Eastern Mediterranean Region)
=> SEAR (South-East Asian Region

Please submit your applications by 13th of November 2018!

*Please note that the submitted application does not guarantee participation in the project. Final screening and selection of candidates will be made.

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