The feeling of negativity is one that we all have encountered at one point or the other. It is an outcome will be bad or not being hopeful and optimistic about something. The feeling of negativity is perhaps triggered by past experiences or fears of things not going as planned.

This fear and feeling cripple our ability to try new things and keeps us bound under fear of the unseen and unknown.

The following recommendations are helpful for fighting negativity;

  • Determine the Cause of this feeling

The feeling of negativity is usually triggered by a particular event or past experiences. There is usually a root cause or a traceable factor. Determining what these factors are would help in tackling the problem because we would be able to either avoid or manage it.

  • Changing your Mindset

The feeling of negativity is a state of the mind that can be changed. This means that the mind can be conditioned to feel differently, i.e the reverse of negativity which is positivity. This, therefore, suggests that winning the battle against negativity or low self-image is a battle that must first be fought within before without.

  • Have Positive Confessions

Words are very powerful, they have a subtle way of forming one’s reality. Words are comforting and can be very soothing, words spoken with conviction to self allows for some level of assurance and confidence. These are just words of what you hope to achieve and things you want to be rather than feel negative.

  • Minding your association

The company you keep would help you to either leave or remain in a state of negativity. Staying in the company of negative minded people would keep you constantly in fear and prevent you from looking at the bright side of things. This could go as far as you changing your music playlist or for you to stop visiting some places. However, you cannot be completely different from the company you keep.

  • Never stay down

One of the techniques that people use to overcome the feeling of negativity is to expect the worse before they set out. As a marketer, for example, a lot of people would say no to you but that should not deter you from trying again or finding better ways to persuade them to buy what you sell. Expecting the most unpleasant reply helps us to be prepared and ready for a comeback rather than maintaining a negative attitude. Never allow your past experiences determine what your future would be like, rather let them give you a reason to keep fighting.

  • Remember that no feeling is Permanent

The fact remains that our feelings and emotions are very much subject to change, they are largely dependent on circumstances and situations which we are faced with per time. We must, however, strive to not allow temporary situations leave permanent marks on us, this is because the situations would pass but our person would remain. What would be left of you when the seeming difficult situation is solved? Would it still be you or would you be a shadow of yourself?

It is true that things may not always go as planned but we should never allow any of these ill happenings keep us permanently to the ground. Do not stop fighting and never stop hoping. Negativity takes life from us and stops us from seeing the good things around us. Positivity, on the other hand, gives us just another reason to look forward to another day.

Guess what. They both cost the same effort. Nothing!

Why choose negativity then?