When life happens it hits us left, right, centre and any other way that it pleases. A wise man once said that we are in a world where we are constantly fighting a battle whether we are interested in fighting or not. Life is in stages and every new stage requires a new fighting technique and strength.

Sometimes we pick up few lessons from our past experiences and the other times we simply just become afraid. Afraid of hurting, failing, being mocked, being rejected and the list is endless, but we become so afraid that we lose the fighting spirit.

Fear Cripples

Fear Steals time

Fear kills before death reaches us

Fear is exaggerated

Fear is never the real deal

Fear does not achieve anything

Fear makes the youth go old!

I understand that you may not have had the best experiences but you are never defined by what you were or what your past experiences have been, you are defined by what you are going to be, what your actions would be after now.

Are you really just going to give up or would you find that reason to fight again? Hey! Make that call, read the book, take the course, get better grades, find another job, take the job, learn a skill, find another way!

Giving up or allowing fear have its way is the worst thing that can happen anyway. It is very simple, the fear that exists now is nothing compared to the strength that you have. If you doubt me, think of how long you have had that fear and what you would rather have done if you were not afraid. Fear is no friend of the youth, fear eats up time and when time’s gone what if’s become the main plot of our lives.

Kill Fear. Don’t lose your fight. Find hope.