Too often, I find myself working on useless things. Things that are “way cool” or “really neat,” but do not have a significant
impact on my network marketing business. I tend to forget that my ultimate goal is to achieve income. So, every now and again I have to sit back, mentally slap myself, and say “wake up!”.

Success in this business is really very simple. Sure, there are a lot of tricks and techniques that can increase your production,
but the basics are elementary. They are:


This simply means, determine how much money you want to make.


Volume is usually stated as a dollar amount. However, if you are selling the opportunity, I prefer to state it in “Organization
Size.” Basically, it is the number of people necessary in your organization to achieve your desired income level.

The usual objection I hear is “There are too many variables. Some people order more or less than others, and the bonuses affect it all too.” This is not brain surgery, people. You do not have to
be that exact.

Simply take your last month’s check and divide it by the number of distributors you have. That will give you your average
earnings per distributor. Then take your financial goal and divide it by your average earnings per distributor.

The result is the number of people you need in your organization to achieve the income you want. This will change each month. If you have a small organization, it can change a lot. If you have a large organization, it will change a little. So, each and every month you will need to recalculate this. This gives you a clear and concise goal to shoot for. This is your target.


If you are promoting the product you should define your product’s market, and target your marketing toward this one specific
target. There is little use in promoting ice cubes to Eskimos. The questions you ask yourself in determining your target market
are simple.

First, who are the people most likely to use your product? If you are marketing microdermabrasion cream, you might answer “Women.”While that is a true answer, it is not specific enough. Specifically, what women? My answer would be the 40+ age group.

Secondly, what is the most cost-effective way, within your budget, to reach this target market? In other words, what does
this age group have in common? What do they read? What do they listen to on the radio? What local stores do they visit
regularly? Keep asking yourself these and similar questions and listing the answers. Once you have your answers listed, then try to think of ways to reach the target market based on their common interests, of course, keeping costs in mind.

Promoting the opportunity is based on the same essentials. Define your market, and then determine the most cost-effective way to reach them. It is really just that simple.


In order to achieve your goal, you need face time with your prospects. “Face time” simply means that you have to be presenting the product or opportunity to a prospect. This can be done in person, over the phone, in e-mail, or however you are
most comfortable communicating.

If you are selling products, you can get product sales without personal contact, provided you promote the product properly. But,
if you are selling the opportunity, you need to be prepared to spend a great deal of face time. To try to build a large
organization without face time is like trying to lose weight without changing your lifestyle. Millions upon millions have
tried itFree Reprint Articles, and it just doesn’t work.

Your focus should be to spend as much time as possible doing presentations. Focus on this one task with a passion. It is the
key to your success. Nothing else will make you successful.