Deadline: 18 May 2018

Are you an SME in Nigeria or Benin, active in the agri & food sector and struggling with issues related to storing, processing, cleaning, grading, handling or transporting of (processed) agricultural products? If yes, then apply for the Food Connection Challenge!

Applicants are invited to apply for the Food Connection Challenge 2018 to solve post-harvest losses on company level through the development of innovative ideas. The Food Connection Challenge is an initiative of BoP Innovation Center and Crosswise Works. Two separate challenges take place simultaneously in Nigeria and Benin.


* The participants benefit from workshops, training sessions, innovation jams and remote coaching to improve their ideas and turn them into a business plan that is ready to be implemented.

* The winner of the challenge will receive matching funding from the Postharvest Network to realize their plans, up to a maximum of  €20,000.

Eligibility Criteria

* The challenge is open for Nigerian or Beninese SMEs that are active in the agri/food sector.

* Enterprise is formally registered in Nigeria.

* Enterprise is an ‘SME’: a company with less than 250 employees.

* Enterprise exists for at least 2   years and has a minimum turnover of 5.000,00 euros per year.Enterprise is producing food products and/or provides services to a food value chain in Nigeria.

* The food value chain enterprise is participating in/offering services to provides food for the Nigerian market or its neighbouring countries.

* The enterprise has identified one person who will participate on behalf of the enterprise

* The participant is able to travel to and be present in Ibadan and/or Lagos during the events of the Food Connection Challenge

* The application provides enough concrete information to make a qualitative evaluation possible

How to Apply

Interested applicants can apply online on the website.

For more information, please visit Food Connection Challenge 2018.