Right from the existence of the first humans on earth,  relationships have existed. From that point, it can be noted that relationships either bring about a rise or a fall invariably.

It’s often advised that everyone should at least move with one or two people because one can’t achieve much being alone. True!

But don’t  misconstrue it. You shouldn’t get yourself entangled with people who make you remain stagnant or those that make you move backward because that is contrary to the purpose of this counsel. Don’t get me wrong, my problem with people, especially the young, is that because they want to be found amongst a clique, they do that without a proper check on the aftermath of such relationships.

Friendship is strictly a thing of choice so why would anyone get himself into some parasitic puzzle that would yield nothing at the end.

Okay, I am almost done but buddy, get a friend who shares the same interests as you. Someone who cares about your growth positively.  Someone who directs you to the track directly or indirectly when you want to deviate. The person whose actions inspires you to become more. The person who would help you develop a winning thought and help you to start living.

People like that are everywhere you go to,  it’s just that you have not taken your time to discover them. Yes,  because the fact is that the law of attraction would always happen to you whenever you are in a place. Like minds attracts each other.

It is very important to conclude with the fact that you need to develop yourself to the point that you become friendable.  You don’t just tap from others while you leave them the way you met them. You will also attract your like. Be the best you can be and be involved with people who would contribute immensely to helping you become the best that you can be.

Enjoy the new year with new practices to be able to achieve new results for a greater you at the end of the year.