Nothing is as draining as having a team of unmotivated persons, it simply drains the energy and morale of the group and drags the progress of things in the group. A popular quote says that motivation is like bathing and that is why it is recommended daily. This should be a clear pointer of what motivation does and how much it would help your team.

To motivate is to give someone a reason for doing something; to provide a motive for actions performed. This means that to not motivate is to not provide enough or no reason at all for actions.

  • Every group runs on a motive
  • Every group has a why
  • Every group has an end goal

What this does is constantly keep the eye of its members focused on the end goal and provides strength either directly or indirectly for members.

You can keep your team members motivated by

  • Properly communicating the vision

By this, no one would be left out of the process and they are all fully aware of what the team hopes to achieve. They feel like they are stakeholders in the end goal in questions and they definitely would strive towards making it work

  • Treating them like co-owners

This may sound a bit lame but this would work some wonders. People love to feel like an important part of something worthwhile, they do not want to be treated as an object or a means to achieve your end. Making your team members understand that their role is important and contributes to the success of the vision keeps them motivated

  • Care Genuinely for them and not just about the work

Whenever a team member goes the extra mile for your team project, care to find out the how as much as you can; this helps them see that you care about them and not just the job alone

  • Reward your team members

Little things they say matter a lot. Grow the habit of rewarding your team members, appreciating them and encouraging them to do better. This shows them that you recognize their part in making the vision become a reality and they would, in turn, stay motivated.

  • Make sure your system allows team members to grow

Promotions withheld too often may create a toxic environment, unhealthy rivalry and less motivated people. Ensure that the system allows for the growth of every member, promotion on merits and not favouritism. People would stay motivated when they know that their good would be rewarded with what is due to them.

These few tips should help keep your team motivated and make leadership a little less tasking and enjoyable.