Wow! I am amazed by how fast 2017 flew by. Happy New Year people! I don’t know about you but the December festivities left my bank account on a fresh start, huh! Well, for now, let’s take one last look at how 2017 was across the continent.

In my last article, millennials were the subject matter, and I once again say congratulations to the most innovative and informed generation! You are the people who defied history and politics by electing a former football star to the presidency in Liberia; His Excellency George Weah. Who on earth could have thought that a former Manchester City star could run for the highest office, and, in the spirit of democracy and good governance, win elections in a continent whereby political office is hereditary and the same surnames occupy the center stage in every political season?

This moment even gets better as we see a rise from grass to grace. With time and determination, George Weah saw himself as the man of the situation as he thoroughly understood what the country was facing. Having been brought up in adversity, he could articulate the issues that faced his country in a more precise way. It is such stories that make me proud to be a daughter of the land as I look forward to telling my great grandchildren what our generation contributed to humanity! The life lessons in this win are numerous but if there is something I can emphasize on as we have just commenced the New Year, it is that we need to plan and be strategic as we work hard towards achieving our goals.

I read somewhere that one of the reasons that George Weah failed in the previous election was because he did not complete his high school education and was labelled uneducated. This, however, didn’t deter him as he went back to school and interestingly enough even achieved higher levels of education. This process took him about 12 years of preparation. He armed himself for a victorious mindset for the comeback and the universe conspired to give him what he wanted.

George Weah

After reading the book The Alchemist I have come to believe that love is a universal language that people from different walks of life can understand without uttering a word. The 30 Billion Concert by Davido in Nigeria was a trending topic worldwide. The show had top performances that gathered a huge crowd of people into singing, dancing and mingling. The spirit of Africa could be clearly seen as people embraced culture by celebrating our music and enjoying the moment that was right before them. The icing on the cake was when we saw top artistes who couldn’t see eye to eye put aside their differences and unite such as Davido and Wizkid and the Mo Hits Crew. With this, I can guarantee you a new wave in Africa’s music scene. Imagine a song by D’Banj and Don Jazzy just like the good old days. We won’t need international acts to take our music to the next level since we are the ones “they” will be looking for.

Mohits reunion

As a girl from the East (East Africa), I cross my fingers and hope to see my brothers Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba, Sauti Soul and King Kaka working together this New Year. Just like Jayz said “Nobody wins when the family feuds”. This reminds me of the spirit of Ubuntu articulated by tata Desmond Tutu which emphasizes on togetherness; I need you to be all that you can be in order for me to be all that I can be. For our music to hit the charts with a bang we all need to work together and blend in the artistry and creativity that brings out different sounds and genres across our diverse culture in creating music. We should give Trace Muziki a hectic time selecting the top Countdowns.

The life lessons that the festivities had were incredible and if you paid attention beyond the loud and busy time you could find out that all the dots were connected into helping us align for a fresh dawn in 2018. So here we go people, a blank page, a new book. What will your story be at the end of the year?

T.D. Jakes said “remember that every journey, no matter how long, starts with one foot in front of the other. The sky may be your limit but the reality is always your runway. If you want to soar, you first have to flap your wings.”