This is an opportunity for journalists or those who aspire to be journalists.

Access to the tools and know-how to leapfrog into digital journalism is often limited to only a few newsrooms.

A new partnership that seeks to improve the digital skills deficiency among African journalists, by bringing together Code for Africa’s local expertise with Google News Lab’s global training initiative, the World Bank’s rich data and information resources and HacksHackers Africa’s online community of 30,000 news geeks across the continent.

Together, we’ll build on Code for Africa’s award-winning StoryLab digital journalism laboratory, which has physical hubs in four African countries along with an existing global network of roving data journalists and digital creatives who help newsrooms on projects ranging from investigative data analysis, to drone journalism and 360° video.

Through this Pan-African partnership, StoryLab Academy plans to give African newsrooms access to the world’s best digital experts and storytelling technologies.

You can learn more about this opportunity here and you can register for StotyLab’s training opportunities here.