During the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, family time was a major importance in so many homes – no television, no phones, no distractions, just a perfect time for love, laughter, fight and family discussions. For many, dinner wasn’t eaten till “Papa” got back from work. While in some other families, every evening, Granny gathered all her grandchildren and told them different stories about life that had epic moral lessons. I mean it was fun, I guess until technology came into the picture.

Gradually, technology started to eat up our time. Classes, parties, church and even our precious family evening time are affected. Dinner together became old-fashioned, like who cared if papa wasn’t home?  Let’s take dinner early or let’s eat in our different rooms so we would catch up with gist on social media – it’s cooler that way. Even granny’s story time wasn’t left out, nobody had to sit to listen to the stories, just search on Google, read up and share if need be.

Technology! Where is thy sting?

Today, even our parents aren’t left out of the technology invasion. One common scenario is a child gets back from school with an assignment and needs help from either of the parents and they are at home but both busy. Busy doing what? Busy on social media checking their Facebook status.

Social media has become our new families. Sometimes we don’t even bother to visit or call our friends. These days, a like or comment on their social media pages is enough sign to show that you care. You visit a friend to catch up and the next thing is you are looking for where to charge your phone or scanning to see if there’s free Wi-Fi anywhere around, so you can stay updated on the social world. It’s like every minute off social network reduces your lifespan.  Social media for most has become pages of their day to day diary, where they spill private info about every second, minute and hour of their lives.

Can you like pause? We’ve gotten our lives wrapped around how many people like our posts, watch our snaps, chat us up or comment on our status. You go for a social or family gathering and the people on your social media pages are having more fun than you are because you are feeling them in on what’s going on. Technology came to make our lives easier and not to take over our lives and render us social media addicts or slaves (as many have become). The earlier we deal with the negative use and utilize it for its good, the better for us. I mean some things shouldn’t just be replaced by Siri (iPhone assistant/response system).