With the advent of the web came a startling new way to do business. It became slowly irrelevant for marketers to move from house to house advertising their products as e-mailing took over. Right now we experience a takeover just as (if not more) tumultuous than that of the Internet. If you didn’t already guess, I’m talking about social media.


Social media websites and applications allow users create online communities to share content. Most forms of social media allow organizations such as businesses create accounts alongside individuals. This not only allows the businesses reach out to existing customers with greater ease but also have access to new customers. Social media has succeeded in creating a borderless world with people from all ethnicities freely interacting. The number of users has increased significantly from 1.22 billion in 2011 to an estimated 2.62 billion in 2018. It is safe to say, if you ask me, that any business that does not have a presence on social media is setting itself up for economic suicide.


With these great numbers, it is essential for all businesses to have social media accounts and key into the marketing opportunities that it provides. To do this, you will want to strike a balance between engaging followers and promoting your products. If you focus too much on promotion you’ll lose your followers’ attention so you also want to keep them engaged; join their conversations, start conversations of your own, and never leave a comment or message unanswered.


First off, you want to look at what you’re trying to promote and who your target customers are. That may seem easy but it’s way harder than it looks. Figuring out who your target customers are will determine how your social media campaign is run. For instance, if you’re reaching out to millennials you want more engaging posts with more recent happenings in entertainment but if you want to reach out to an older audience, you’d want to keep up with the news and start conversations on what is happening outside the entertainment world.


It’s no news that people love free stuff so giving out stuff for free is bound to attract people to you like moths to fire. And the good news is you don’t have to part with any money or material resources, simply putting out good content the public will learn from such as a cake recipe if you own a bake shop will draw people to you. You can step it up by having a competition that requires votes in likes on the participants’ posts with a mouth-watering prize for the person with the highest likes. The prize can just be something not too costly from your store. The participants will give you free advertising by making their followers go to your page to vote for them and this is guaranteed to get you more views, more followers, and eventually, more buyers.


People also enjoy sharing their opinions so you’d want to ask questions that are bound to start conversations, share memes, videos, and anything else that’ll get people talking. People also like to have their friends back them up in arguments so they’d be sure to tag their friends in the post which will lead to more exposure for you and ultimately, more customers.


Also, share posts from your followers. This tells them that you care about them and their posts, and while it may not immediately guarantee you more exposure it will give you more authenticity with your followers.


In conclusion, I recently came across something called the “One in Seven rule” where only one in every seven posts should be a promotion. In between each promotion, give engaging contents, pile on the funnies and just be real with your followers. You’ll be sure to have more engagement, more exposure, and ultimately, more customers. Also make sure you answer all of the question,  messages, and comments because when you ignore people they tend to get angry and word of mouth is still the most effective way of advertising (my opinion but I’m pretty sure that a lot of people will agree with me), so you do not want to get people angry at you. You can also invest in a social media manager such as Hootsuite which enables you to have all your social media accounts in one place,  schedule posts, reply your messages, and do just about anything from one platform. This makes it easier for you to move from one account to the other.


Finally, don’t be left behind, hop on the social media train now!