We were all part of the real wedding party that took place this Sunday, or is it safe to say that I was? The guest list had the A- list of Nollywood in attendance from Tony Elemelu to Omotola Jalade and the list goes on, needless to say, it was Banky W and Adesua’s wedding #BAAD2017 the official hashtag for the event. As I scrolled through each and every picture that was posted online, I could relate with some of the invited guests on the list, as a matter of fact, I knew much about them through our regular conversations that started from the DM to emails and now phone calls. This was a proud moment for me, seeing people I look up to interacting with those I dream about or admire from a distance giving me motivation and hope that I have identified my “tribe”. I am a very strategic young lady who believes that you have to place yourself in a particular position so that when the right time comes you are not left out.

My area of expertise is Public Relations and Communications having great enthusiasm on how brands develop from the ground up and making them connect with their target audience, the magic in that process is what gives me the desire to become more and relate with those in the same field; learning and being a critic to some of the work they have embarked on. Having said that, my tribe forms from such groups of people, and social media has been a connecting point for me however just like Banky W put out on his Instagram page that he was not selling aso ebi for his wedding at some enormous price that fake vendors were using to lure people in order to make money out of them, the internet has become more poisonous. According to the MIT Technology Review of April 2017, Sir Tim Berner’s invented the web hoping to make to make the world a better place by providing connectivity where we are constantly connected to each other and a vast source of information that has been helpful to people like me in social networking.daisy







Contrary to this, with sudden developments with the use of the internet I foresee a paradigm shift and an imbalanced scale whereby the negatives outweigh the positives. The rates of unemployment in Africa are extremely high nonetheless a high percentage of youths are more connected to the internet spending most of their time there creating a need that should be met. Since invention is the mother of all nature, the internet has opened an opportunity for the rise and reign of the self-acclaimed kings of the streets infamously known as yahoo boys not only in Nigeria but the world at large. With this new development many illicit online markets are emerging in health insurance and shipping just to mention but a few placing us at a high-risk factor with all the personal information we have online with airlines and various social networks.

This chain of “development” has become a common trend and will sooner or later be ranked with universal wars such as the fight against terrorism, drugs and illegal arms as its pace is growing steadily and more people are now being affected. The internet has thus become a platform where the winner takes it all aligning itself to the law of unintended consequences creating more harm than what Sir Berner intended. Blaming yahoo boys for their cybercriminal activities is the easy way to go, however, I blame businesses associated with the use of the internet for being a contributing factor to such crimes. According to Get Wired Magazine 2016, companies such as WhatsApp which has over a billion users and generating billions of dollars only have a staff of 50 engineers! This makes me wonder if the future is the web, what chances do the youth have in getting employment? The paradox in all these is that our lives are being tuned in a way that we view the internet as a necessity. Conclusively, the internet is here to stay, there we the youth, should find ways through which we can create an equilibrium with it.