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      <td>Our History
      Established on September 1, 2006, the company mainly undertakes the processing of LCD panel products such as TN, HTN, STN, CSTN, FSTN and other LCD products such as COG, COB, TAB and other OEM products. Is specialized in the production of TFT-LCM LCD module high and new technology enterprises, in March 2014, the factory began to operate alone and named as Shenzhen Kangzhang Semiconductor Co., Ltd., become a subsidiary of LCM processing company of Shenzhen Kangzhang Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kangzhang Semiconductor Co.. Professional undertaking 1.77 “to 10.1” LCD module processing. From March 15, 2016, our company developed and produced 1.77 “to 10.1” liquid crystal modules, into the TFT-LCM market.
      Our Factory
      The company has 1,300 square meters of plant, has two semi-automatic COG production line and a full automatic COG production line, TFT module at a one-time pass rate of more than 98 %, monthly production capacity of about 1.2 KK.
      Our Product
      TFT-LCM, LCD, COG, BZL polarizing film, etc.
      Product Application
      Game machines, medical equipment, mobile phone digital, GPS navigation system, instrumentation, as well as transportation, communications, smart appliances and so on.
      Production Equipment
      100 million automatic, three-force automatic, Fuhe semi-automatic, silver collection semiautomatic, point glue machine, Kaidayang automatic backlight group installed.
      Production Market
      The main selling line is domestic market and foreign market. At present, our company has cooperated with several big customers in the domestic market, the domestic market to stabilize the development trend, and contact with foreign markets, the main sales area is Middle East.4.3 Inch Industrial Control Display Screen Free Sample


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