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      <div>Taking care of your e-cigarette, portable vaporizer, or MOD means regularly changing its important items, such as changing out the vaping tank. But how do you know when it’s time to get a new tank at Fuggin Vapor? By watching for the following six symptoms of an overused vaping tank:To get more news about 510 thread tank, you can visit univapo official website.</div>
      <div>Sign #1: When Your Atomizer Coils Are Going Out The atomizer coils in your tank are the tools that help heat up the e-liquid and allow it to become vaporized. When they start going out, it’s time to get a new tank. There are many different symptoms of their failure, which are outlined below. The unfortunate thing is that a tank can otherwise be in great shape, but with atomizer coil failure, it must be replaced to keep the entire device working properly.</div>
      <div>Sign #2: Taste is Getting a Bit Stale One of the earliest signs that you need a new vaping tank is a stale taste to your vapor. A good tank should create a potent and delicious vapor, but when it starts to go bad, it’ll taste slightly less potent. It’s important to understand that this is different than simply getting acclimated to a new taste. The flavor will get increasingly dull here, making it important to change your tank ASAP. Sign #3: E-Juice Color is Getting Too Dark E-juice should be light in color inside of your tank. However, when it starts to get a little darker than normal, it’s probably time to get a new tank. Why?</div>
      <div>As you use your device, buildup can occur on the coils and inside of the tank. This buildup creates a “gunk” that darkens the color of your fluid. It also creates a taste, rather similar, to “toasted almonds.” So, change your tank right away. Sign #4: Lack of Thick Vapor Is the vapor a little thinner than you’d like? One of the biggest joys of vaping is really getting a big puff out and blowing out a beautiful stream of vapor. When it lacks the thickness, for which you’ve experienced in the past, you need a new vaping tank ASAP. Sign #5: Heating Is More Difficult As your coils start to go out, you’re going to have a harder time heating up your tank. Unfortunately, when this happens, you’re going to struggle to get the same amount of pleasure you did from your device before. At a certain point, your tank may not heat at all: at this point, it obviously must be replaced.</div>

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