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      <td>Our History
      Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd. Starting from 2001 specializes in research, manufacturing, delivery, installation, maintainence etc from A to Z project for Large industrial and commercial ice machine. Until 2016 our Ice machines and cold room has spread more than 131 countries all over the world, Those ice machine produce more than 20,000 Tons Ice every day.
      Our company Logo “CBFI” has 3 meanings:
      1stly representing our major products Cube, Block, Flake Ice machine.
      2ndly Creat Best Environmentail-Friendly Ice machine.
      3rdly Customer Benefit From Icesource.
      Our Factory
      Our factory locates in Panyu district of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, it’s very convenient for loading and transporting goods and for customer come to visit our factory.
      Covering an area of 15,000 square meters, we have production area: 3 ice machine production line and 1 cold room production line.
      We have special Testing area: to test the machines for 72 hours continuously before shipping;
      We are the only supplier that use GPZD technology to test machine in order to ensure that the machine parts will not loose even after long-distance transportation .
      We adopt advanced production equipment, such as metal laser cutting machine, bending machine, cutting machine, to ensure product quality and accuracy.
      We established the postgraduate refrigeration research laboratory with university of South China, and more than forty undergraduate students come to here to practice.
      Our Product
      Our major products are large freon industrial and commercial ice machines like block ice machine, cube ice machine, tube ice machine, flake ice machine, plate ice machine, water cihller, chiller, freezer, blast freezer, mini quick freezer etc.
      Product Application
      And our ice machine and cold room are widely used in Fishery, Agriculture, Industry, mining, concrete, food processing, cooling, etc.
      Our Certificate
      Our factory has ISO 9001, ISO14001, CITT certificate, Safe production certificate, Our products has European Standard CE certificate, all our products has self-invented patent certificate etc.
      Production Equipment
      We have as more as 11 sets of production machinery like Laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine,
      Automatic straightening machine, Aluminum sawing machine, Large pipe bender, Plasma cutting machine, The polyurethane foam system, Careless outside polishing machine, Hydraulic sheet metal bending press, Auto panel forming machine, Inverter ac/dc argon arc welding machine.
      Production Market
      Our Major markets are Latin America, North America, Oceania, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, etc. Following are some Significant events for witness our fast development.
      In 2004, The World’s first 3 tons per day edible cube ice machine was born in our factory.
      In 2008, Olympic Games Designated suppliers strategic partner, Beijing 5 tons per day cube ice machine.
      In 2010, We built the Global 1st Large Freon Block ice machine 100 Tons in Malaysia, and 60 Tons in Malaysia.
      We are the Exclusive Supplier of Ice Cube machine to Shanghai World Expo.
      In 2014, We got orders for 40 Tons flake ice machine with Automatic large Rake Conveyor in Mozambique and 50 Tons flake ice machine with Automatic large Rake Conveyor in Morocco.
      In 2015, We built Asia Bangladesh 2,000 Cubic meters fruits & Vegetables Chiller, 500 Cubic meters freezer, America 2,000 Cubic meters fruits & Vegetables Chiller, Zambia 4,000 Cubic metes freezer.
      In 2016, We start building 50 Tons block ice machine in Sudan, 30 Tons block ice machine in Yemen, 120 Tons block ice machine in Asia, 90 Tons block ice machine in China. And also sell 7 sets of 30 Tons Tube ice machine to 2 of South Korea Customers, 6 sets of 10 Tons Cube ice machine to Malaysia, 60 Tons ice machine to Angola Big ice factory.
      We also Obtain the title of National Hign-tech Enterprises.
      Our service
      We have 5 Sales team and 4 engineering team more than 50 Person to feedback quickly to your inquiry and customize the products, service on your requests.
      We have a more than 20,000 square meters production, testing, warehouse area and more than 100 skilled technician to produce, test the ice machines and cold room for you.
      We have a more than 3 after-sales team more than 30 person to go all over the world to do after-sales service for customers.
      We offer 7 days a week, 16 hrs a day service for all our customers all over the world!
      flake ice plant price


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