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      Importantly, never agree to secrecy, Poland said. For instance, you can say, "I really care about you, I’m here to runescape 07 gold help, and I cannot promise to keep this a secret," he said. According to Schmitz, such questions are "rarely beneficial." That’s because "When people walk around the topic of suicide [such as the question of hurting oneself], it can send the unintended message that it is not OK to discuss suicide."
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      Ask the person directly if they’re considering suicide, Schmitz said: "You know, John/Jane, a lot of people with (insert warning sign), can have thoughts of suicide or of killing themselves, are you having any thoughts of suicide?"Listen."Too often we either don’t listen well or we say something that cuts off the conversation," Poland said. But listening is one of the best ways you can help, both experts emphasized.
      Schmitz recalled working with a high risk suicidal patient whose thoughts included killing himself with a gun. During one of their sessions, when talking about treatment, Schmitz unwittingly said to the patient, "we just haven’t found a magic bullet for this yet." "Doc, ‘I’m not sure that’s the best analogy," the patient responded, and they were able to laugh at the situation because of the connection they had.
      "It’s not about the right four words or two sentences, it’s about the connection," Schmitz emphasized. There are no magic words. What’s important is conveying empathy, concern and a willingness to help. For instance, if they’ve had thoughts of using a gun and there are guns in the house, either get the guns out or get the person away from the home, he said.Anything that’s said genuinely and directly, he said, ultimately can’t be damaging.
      Even if the person says in passing that they’re thinking about overdosing, it’s invaluable to see what kinds of medications are in the house and to talk about getting rid of them, he said. He added that you can tell the person, "I really care about you and I don’t want you to do something impulsive that you’ll regret." This shows them that you genuinely care.
      Unfortunately, suicide is largely misunderstood in our society. But there are many things you can do to help, including: paying attention to the warning signs, approaching the person, being direct and empathetic, truly listening and helping them find help right away.Guys!Only One Day for you!Free 100M OSRS Gold&750M RS3 Gold on RSorder will come as 2018 Biggest Promotion at 3:00 a.m. GMT Dec.7!Snap Immediately[/url][/b]

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