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      With 100% experience buff available in WOW, most of you may have brand-new characters over the past few weeks. Here is a guide about how to gear up your alt characters quickly to prepare for the upcoming Shadowlands.To get more news about Buy WoW Items Cheap, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

      Methods to gear up 120 alts quickly in patch 8.3

      With Shadowlands planned to release in 2020, you can now gear up your alt characters to prepare for its release if your characters are in level 120. And you can take the following two main methods to gear up them quickly in patch 8.3:
      1. Do world quests & emissaries
      Before starting the 8.3 quest line, one of the easy way to increase iLevel is by doing world quests, which can make your item rewards go as high as level 420. And there is an Emissary cache up for a level 385 equipment cache. When your iLevel is in the 380 range, let that scaling work for you while working on Emissary caches and Azerite caches. If your level is beyond 380, those caches will begin to scale up to higher levels, up to 445.
      2. PvP incursions/conquests
      Another fast way to gear up your alts is by doing daily incursions in War Mode. About 120 Conquest per day can be obtained if you complete the 4-5 daily incursion quests and collect the secret supply chest that contains a piece of 425 gear. If you get 500 Conquest every week, you can gain a piece of 445+ gear in your weekly chest no matter what your current character’s iLvel is. If you don’t get 500 Conquest per week, the Conquest will carry over to the next week.

      Locations of WOW secret supply chest for Alliance & Horde


      The secret supply chest is obtainable while doing daily incursion quests that can be used to gear up your 120 alts for Shadowlands. Here are the locations of secret supply chest for both Alliance and Horde:

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