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      While there are various modes you can play to acquire good ballers, Domination style is arguably one of the greatest strategies to steadily get better cards while making MT points. Apart from the 3 card packs you can get by racking in high NBA 2K MT Coins points for every Domination game, you may readily obtain multiple uncommon player cards simply by winning matches.

      Except for the past few games in each Domination difficulty, you can find a total of three card packs for each game: jersey package, ball package, and participant package. Since the contents of every player pack is totally randomized, there is always a fantastic possibility that you are going to get a good baller. For those unaware, pack rewards in Domination are given based on your overall MT points at the game. MT points you gain each game is based on player performance, so make certain to make each second count and you do well on both defense and offense.

      Additionally, nba2king getting each rare player from the Historical house and away jersey collection will get you a much stronger player.

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