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      Where is the witch’s house in Draynor villageAccording to Wikipedia " Witch hazel is a genus of flowering runescape gold plants in the family Hamamelidaceae." The extract taken from the bark or leaves is often used for homeopathic medicine, for headaches, fever, migraines, and sinuses. Sometimes this may be in the manner of Witch hazel tea. (MORE)
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      What is witch’s hazel?It is in the fountain in one of the front corners of the grounds outside. I think it is the right corner but I’m not sure which corner. You will need the fish food and poison to get it. They can both be found in the manor. But in the quest you’re told to get a few bulbs of garlic,(but the more garlic the weaker the vampire gets) a stake,
      a stake hammer, and food. If you are doing the quest and killing the vampire, when you kill it, you hammer the stake into it, and it can’t heal itself. If you don’t know what stake means (NOT THE FOOD! That’s steak) it is a big nail you hammer into vampires to kill them. If you tried the last answer, you do not need onion or steak, and you must’ve died. (MORE)
      What was the manor house like in a medieval village?Not every village had a manor house, since a manor might include more than one village. On the other hand, some villages had two manor houses, such as Widdington in Essex and the "lost medieval village" of Wharram Percy. Around the entire manor complex would be a ditch and bank,
      surmounted by a palisade of logs. Later this was replaced by a moat and stone wall, with a stone tower over the gateway. The manor house itself had a large door (sometimes with a smaller one next to it) leading into the undercroft   a ground floor storage area where food, wine, tools, carts and other items were kept.
      Complete all Papa Smurf’s quests More Accurately >>>"In answer to your question: You need to first, answer 5 questions/tasks from Papa Smurf in the main village (on the mainland) to upgrade Handys hut. It’s not hard to complete, just time consuming. Smurf II, to Smurf Island. Once on the island you can select and build Architect Smurf’s hut from the menu." // from : Yahoo Answers user ( \ / ) SuperGirl ( u u )(MORE)Guys!Welcome  to Join 2018 Biggest Promotion on RSorder for RS 2007 Gold&RS Gold& More with 6% off Code CRA6 &2X loyalty points for RSorder members Dec.12-Dec.18, 2018!Snap Immediately

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