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      IPhone. Apple. Next. VLTRFTWAM. Just have to say am enjoying Destiny, not sure it measures up to runescape 2007 gold Borderlands 2, but is early days. Though the charm of Borderlands’ characters is non existent in Destiny I think I agree with my friend BuDgSmuggler that it’s all Marmite, so here’s hoping for a smoother transition from something with great potential comes great replayability..
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      The closet fountain near the ge is the one east to it, but you have to run a little. So the best foutain to go to (for when you have a large amount of clay in your bank) is the one near the other bank located east of the main fountain in Varrock. (Also east of the arrow shop).
      WoW has 10 million subscriptions, QUICK THROW OUT WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING AND GO MAKE SOMETHING SIMILAR TO THAT OR THE MONEY STOPS, AND FINISH IT IN 6 MONTHS".. SO WE CAN ENSURE IT GETS RECORDED. I was wondering if a company selling gold from a game that makes it illegal to buy/sell their property could sue for any reason.
      Not quite the same as you but I really got pissed at that. Your situation is much worse tho, although they get the product from the manufacturer and they don’t know that it is faulty. It’s only if they delay getting it sorted that you can tell them to fcking hurry up and vent your anger.
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