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      <div>WoW Classic has been a blast from the past for many players. It’s taken them on a trip down memory lane for a little more than a year now. To keep things fresh, Activision-Blizzard introduced new content in six phases. The first one included Onyxia and Molten core. The second re-introduced of the Honor System and World Bosses. The third, fourth, and fifth brought back Blackwing Lair, Zul’Gurub, Arathi Basin, and Anh’Qiraj.To get more news about how safe is it to buy gold in wow classic, you can visit lootwowgold official website.</div>
      <div>Players have been spoilt for content. Now, it seems like the release of the sixth and final phase is imminent after it went live on the Public Test Realm. The biggest takeaway is that Naxxramas has been added to the game. It was arguably the most difficult raid in vanilla WoW. Some believe it still might be the hardest one ever created.</div>
      <div>Either way, it’s still one of the most talked-about raids, and it will be sure to spark a lot of nostalgia for those who attempted or completed it in the past. The patch also re-introduces Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian, which was the very first Legendary weapon for casters. It was an absolute beast of a weapon. Now players will be able to get their hands on it once again in WoW Classic. The patch also includes some other bits and pieces: Players who become exalted with Warsong Gulch can now receive an epic-quality leg-piece. Cenarion Circle reputation can be used to craft equipment with nature resist.</div>
      <div>Zul’Gurub can now drop nature resits enchants for leg and headgear. Players can obtain new skill books for new skill ranks including Frost Ward, Shadow Ward, Flame Shock, Conjure Food, Eviscerate, and Ferocious Bite. Silithus and Eastern Plaguelands will now have PvP objectives. Players can acquire an epic ring with nature resistance from a quest to kill an Elemental Lord in Cenarion Hold. Players can use trade-in components and earn gear using Argent Dawn Tokens at Light’s Hope Chapel.</div>

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