Deadline: 13 December 2018

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has announced a request for proposals for Support to Democratic Empowerment (SDE) Phase I.


The main objective of this call for proposal is to promote free, fair, credible and peaceful elections with large turnout of the electorates through a well-targeted broad-based media advocacy campaign with critical messages on civic responsibilities and rights to the electorates, and enhance elections observation in critical LGAs during the upcoming general elections. The specific objectives include:

  • To enlighten and mobilize stakeholders including the women groups, youths, traditional and religious leaders to participate massively in the general elections.
  • To conduct civic and voter education, as part of the media campaign, in order to sensitize and create awareness among the citizens for effective participation in the general elections.
  • To effectively engage in election observation mission through deployment of agents to polling units during the gubernatorial election in critical LGAs.

Specific Activities

  • Media Campaign:
    • Develop and produce communication package which includes but not limited to Radio/TV broadcast, Posters, jingles and any other contextual strategic modality.
    • 50% of the budget should target the communication and voter education component.
    • A minimum of 10-15 radio jingles should be broadcasted on 3 radio stations in each State per day;
    • 5-10 TV advertisements should be broadcasted daily on the 2 television stations in each state.
    • Posters shall be distributed and displayed in public spaces and buildings, universities and community associations in the target LGAs and the State capital.
  • Election Observation:
    • Based on an explicit proposal of how and where to focus activities geographically, conduct civic education and training for minimum of 60 observers, and 8 Observers’ Local Government Supervisor (O-LGS) and 7 Observers’ Registration Area Supervisor (O-RAS) in each State;
    • Conduct election observation in selected LGAs: Deploy election observers for 4 days (two days before, on Election Day, and one day after) for the election period. At least 40% of the observers and supervisors must be female and at least 1% from the disability community, and at least 60% of which must be under 30 years of age.
    • Procure 80 Nos of T-Shirts and reflective jackets and 75 Nos of INEC accreditation cards per State.
    • Closely collaborate with INEC, and provide real-time information on observation findings to the INEC EMS.
    • Produce the election observation report.

Expected Outputs

  • Increased number of voters’ turnout during general elections.
  • Increased number of women, youth and persons with disabilities participation in general elections.
  • Evidenced based electoral monitoring and observations reports with data and statistics.
  • Free, fair, credible and peaceful election in all States enhanced.

Eligibility Criteria

The selected firm will be a Nigeria-registered organization with capacity to deliver and listed in the INEC Accredited list of organizations for electoral observation and monitoring.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via here.