Deadline: 13 December 2018

Western Balkans Fund (WBF) has announced its Second Call for Regional Project Proposals. The Fund aims to achieve these goals by supporting common regional projects, at “people-to-people” level, creating the conditions to share mutual experiences, values, traditions and culture, in a regional perspective.

The overall objective of Second Call for Proposals of the Western Balkans Fund is to enhance regional cooperation and strengthen regional cohesion in the WB6 region.

Areas of Intervention

The areas of intervention for this call for proposals are following:

  • Cultural cooperation
  • Education and scientific exchanges
  • Sustainable development

Size of grants

  • Any grant requested under this Call for Proposals must not exceed EUR 12,000
  • Any grant funding requested from the WBF under this call for proposals must not exceed 80% of the total eligible costs of the action.


The planned duration of a project may not exceed12 months.

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to be eligible for a grant, the lead applicant must be:
    • A legal entity established in the WB6 (mentioned below), and
    • A non for profit , and
    • A civil society organization (NGO), or
    • A specific type of organization from one of the following categories:
      • A local or regional public entity, or association of local or regional public entities
      • A business association such as: business cluster, agriculture association, chamber of commerce, tourism association, etc.
      • An educational institution such as university, school, institute, library, research center, academy of science/music/art, etc.
      • An institution of culture or sports such as museum, art gallery, theatre, library, or association of cultural institutions, sport association, other associations, etc. and
    • Directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project and the relevant actions together with the project partners, and not acting as an intermediary
  • The Fund shall, as a rule, not provide funding to projects, proposed by the governmental level institutions.
  • If awarded the project contract, the lead applicant will be WBF direct beneficiary.

How to Apply

Applications should be sent only by e-mail at the address given on the website.

Eligible Countries: Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Republic of Serbia.

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