The Youth Pre-Conference is organized by Amsterdam Youth Force and Y+ and it aims to empower young people by providing a stage for youth across borders to speak, teach the necessary skills, learn and relax without asking permission to and therefore claiming their own space and power. This conference will be a fusion of science, activism, arts, networking and entertainment where scientists, activists, youth from vulnerable communities and youth who want to teach and learn about HIV can meet, educate and empower each other.

This scholarship programme could be a chance for young people in your network to secure travel and accommodation costs in the weekend before the AIDS 2018. We are encouraging those who already have some partial funding but are missing either travel costs or accommodation coverage to apply. This way we can use our resources more efficiently.

We also encourage all scholarship applicants to choose to volunteer with us during the AIDS 2018. In this event, we would also cover accommodation costs during their stay. However, note that we are not able to pay registration fees for AIDS 2018 and would mostly need volunteers to support our activities in the open part of the conference.

Here is the link to the application form for scholarship programme:

The application form will be open until 6th June, 2018. Results will be announced in mid-June