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Deadline: January 31, 2020 The Challenge will select women-led innovative tech solutions for the climate with a measurable impact to experiment with them in C40 cities. C40 cities joining the Tech Challenge commit to pilot the winning solution and contribute to the selection by participating in the expert jury panel, which will select the finalists, as well as in the mayoral and city official jury panel, which will select the winners. Innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups selected to be finalists and winners will be eligible to receive financial or technical support from C40 and their partners, plus acceleration or implementation in C40 Cities. C40 support will be custom-designed for each solution, depending on the project’s level of maturity and the needs: acceleration; incubation; residence within the city; urban space for experimentation; co-design of experimentations on citizens/users. Worth To increase the climate impact of the winners of the Tech Challenge C40 has secured $40,000 in funding to be split amongst the winners and used to support their experimental phase. Eligibility
  1. Open to all adult women, including but not limited to students, innovators, and professionals. C40 uses an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female”; trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify or have identified or have been identified as female or women are welcome to apply.
  2. All applications should be submitted in English.
  3. Applicants may be from anywhere in the world, as their solutions can be piloted in any city.
Application Click here to apply.