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Deadline: January 3, 2020. Are you actively engaged in your political party? Do you see yourself as a rising political star in your country? Are you planning to run for office? Do you want to win an election? If all these apply to you, then the NEW Politics program is the right opportunity for you. The National Democratic Institute (NDI) is launching The Network of Emerging Women (NEW) in Politics program to prepare young women to step into leadership roles and cultivate the skills needed to conduct successful electoral campaigns and win elections. The NEW Politics program will offer a series of workshops, mentorship, and networking opportunities over a six-month period to enable young women to better participate in the political process. Worth
  1. The NEW Politics program is a training, networking, leadership, and training platform.
  2. The program will include a week-long boot camp intense training, as well as four advanced training modules focused on developing advanced skills such as communication, policy development, advocacy, mobilization, recruitment and voter outreach, fundraising, budgeting, and resource development.
  1. Be a woman between 18 and 35 years of age.
  2. Be a citizen of a country in the Mano River Region.
  3. Have received an endorsement letter from a political party or political action group.
  4. Have made a commitment to participate from February – September 2020.
  5. Have a one-year valid passport at the time of application.
Application Click here to apply in English, Click here to apply in French